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How does Roveconcepts sell furniture? By duping their customers into believing that the fake reviews on their website and elsewhere are real. ROVECONCEPTS.COM is a scam! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR WEBSITE OR ADS! In reality, THIS PLACE IS RUN BY 2 FRAUD CHINESE GUYS. Low prices but extremely cheaply made products! The Barcelona chair is extremely cheap, it looks like it's worth way less than what it really is. They probably pay $100 for this chair while they sell it for $800 but then again that's business. However, I draw the line with poor product and insane prices. Additionally, they do not want to take responsibility for a defective product. ROVECONCEPTS gets a BIG FAT “F”. Do not purchase anything from this store. I have to suck up the fact that I'm out $2000+ dollars for furniture that I cannot use. I don't want you to do the same. TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN
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This company Rove concepts is a SCAM & FRAUD

Read there real reviews here:

They post FAKE reviews all over the internet


To CB,

We believe that this review is a hoax because we had reached out to the poster but never received a response. The poster was invited to contact us but did not email or call us.

Any real customer would have because they would logically want to resolve the issue.

As well, there is no specific information given about their order, their products or other details. A customer would write about their particular experience instead of these dramatic accusations.

If you would genuine information about customer feedback, products or service, please contact us at or 1-800-705-6217.

Thank you so much,

Rove Concepts customercare [at] 1-800-705-6217


And who are you? How do I know this complaint is legit?


At Rove Concepts, we welcome all feedback because it helps us constantly improve our products and services. We truly love hearing from you. However, this open attitude is easily taken advantage of. A few competitors have been posing as customers so that they can write fake reviews. While most websites rightly mark these posts as spam, some still manage to be published. Unfortunately, all we can do is to continue offering luxurious, well-crafted mid-century modern furniture and outstanding customer service.

We believe that this review is false because it is alarmingly racist, has no supporting evidence and no interest in a resolution. It is shockingly discriminatory. There is no reason that ethnicity should be taken into account here or in any situation. As well, it is surprisingly inaccurate. We do not sell our chairs for $800. Obviously very little research was done before writing this review as any real customer would know how much their purchase was. Finally, this poster has shown no interest in ending their case, which would be the logical choice for any genuine party.

Like all companies, there are occasional issues that arise. And while this is very rare at Rove Concepts, we do our very best to solve each and every one quickly and satisfactorily. If this review is real, we wholeheartedly hope you will contact us so that we can find a happy resolution for you. We do our absolute best to fix all concerns. For example, For example, Angela O. on Yelp ( had a delay in the delivery of her table. By the end of the situation, she had raised her rating on us significantly because we had “gone above and beyond [her order by offering [her] a satisfactory solution.” However, since this “rovescam” poster has shown no interest in finding a solution, this review is almost certainly a hoax.

We are proud that we go above and beyond other companies, whether it’s with our 7 Day Return Policy or our wide selection of customizable pieces. We have even been featured on well-known websites and Vancouver Magazine. We hope that you will take this into account when you are reading reviews online. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this review!

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